01: Prevention

750,000 LA families are one

financial shock


from Homelessness

A mother and a daughter support each other

Stop homelessness before it happens

Often, as little as $2,000 can mean the difference between a home and the streets for the economically vulnerable. Our Short Term Eviction Prevention (STEP) Fund bridges the gap for Angelenos at risk of imminent homelessness by providing quick-turnaround, easy-to-access, no-interest micro loans of up to $2,500.

Out Impact

Our approach

Established for 
low-income individuals at imminent risk of eviction

Three-year repayment terms for loans of up to $2,500

Prioritize service for prior homelessness, foster care, or Income < 30% AMI

Zero interest; no expenses or hidden fees

Unlike other loan programs, our loans are non-punitive, with no required collateral or guarantees

Logo of LEO Lab at Notre Dame

Driven By Research

The efficacy of the STEP Fund program is being evaluated in a large-scale scientific study by the Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities (LEO), a research center that studies effective poverty interventions, at the University of Notre Dame.

Are you at imminent risk of eviction?

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The Step fund program impacted my life by providing financial support to keep me and my family in our home. I will never forget how receiving the funds put me at ease. When I had no other options, the Step fund provided me with peace and hope. Thank you.

- Tennille Bailey

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