Not only are there not enough shelters,
there’s a lack of

modern tools

for managing them.

A person is looking for a shelter.

On any given night, there are many empty shelter beds across the city.

That’s because there is no centralized shelter network and no way for a case manager or client to reserve a bed. We are building LA’s only comprehensive database of shelters with real-time capacity tracking to:

Increase shelter bed utilization.

Simplify management and reporting for shelter operators.

Allow case managers to quickly make referrals into shelters and shelter waitlists.

Provide facility attributes and visual tools to empower clients to make the best possible shelter choice for themselves.

It's a Win-Win-Win

Better Angels’ shelter database and management system will benefit facility operators, case managers, and, above all, unhoused individuals in search of a safe place to stay.

Shelter Database - mobile app

The shelter management system will also assist HSPs and funders in tracking their data and measuring the success of their programs (e.g., how many people were housed, how many people received services, etc.)

A desktop view for shelter management app

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