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We believe the time has come for the residents of LA County to tackle homelessness head on. Better Angels is taking a bold, holistic approach to confront this huge, complex problem.
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The Bitter Reality

Homelessness in LA county is escalating despite billions in taxpayer-approved spending. The government has failed to create sufficient housing, and nonprofits, while well-intentioned, lack the resources to address the crisis at scale. Bureaucratic delays mean new government initiatives are slow and insufficient, with much of Proposition HHH funds being spent on costly, slow-to-build units. We urgently need more housing, as existing shelters and outdated service systems are inadequate. Basic needs like clean water, bathrooms, and trash pickup are not being met.

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The Solution

Homelessness may seem like an insurmountable issue, but we can solve it together. Our community, the largest and most culturally diverse in the U.S., will use innovative thinking, practical solutions, advanced technology, and hard work. As Lincoln urged, let's unite for the betterment of our City of Angels.

A Holistic Approach

to Homelessness

After years of researching what works and what doesn’t, and meeting with everyone from supportive housing providers and government officials to shelter workers and citizens eager to help, it’s clear we need a more aggressive, comprehensive, and integrated approach to tackling this crisis.

We are simultaneously addressing five critical areas to tackle the homelessness epidemic in our city.

Preventing Homelessness

Intervening early to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place

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Innovating real estate finance to rapidly increase the affordable housing supply in LA county

housing pillar

Community Engagement

Empowering communities throughout LA County to serve our unhoused neighbors

Services pillar

Innovative Enabling Technology

Harnessing the power of tech to move people from the streets to the path back to housing

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Providing modern tools to locate the right shelter for the right person at the right time

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Be an Angel

From donating money to volunteering your time, there are many ways to get involved. We are solving homelessness together – and that means we need you.

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