Creating new streams of


housing investment.

The government spent $10 billion over 8 years, but the homeless count went up.

A graph that shows Homelessness population increase


Public housing is too expensive and slow. The private market must step in.

We do not have enough affordable housing in Los Angeles. Period. And the housing shortage has pushed up housing and rental prices in every neighborhood, making thousands of working Angelenos vulnerable to homelessness.

Through the Better Angels Affordable Housing Fund, a for-profit real estate investment trust, we’re innovating a solution that will make housing production faster, better, and cheaper.

Attracting private capital to providemuch-needed equity to finance thepre-development and constructionof affordable housing.

Streamlining approvals, promoting off-site construction, and reducing housing attrition rates.

Providing investors with a solid, socially responsible investment plan that mitigates risk through diversified portfolios.

Delivering $1 billion worth of government impact for $250 million of private capital, deployed quickly and efficiently.

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An Exceptional Opportunity

The Better Angels Affordable Housing Fund (a real estate investment trust) will finance the pre-development and construction of affordable housing throughout LA to:

Move more Angelenos into homes and off the homeless count.

Lower housing costs across the board.

Provide investors with a solid, socially responsible investment plan that diversifies risk.

Provide developers with simplified capital structure, faster time to home completion, and support throughout every stage of the process.

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