How many people end up newly homeless in LA each year?

How many people end up newly homeless in LA each year?

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July 1, 2024



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Estimating the number of people who become newly homeless in Los Angeles is a complex task that involves various factors and sources. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), the 2023 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count reported a significant increase in homelessness, with 75,518 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County on any given night, representing a 9% increase from the previous year.

While the exact number of newly homeless individuals each year can vary, several factors contribute to people becoming homeless, including economic hardship, housing affordability, and personal crises. LAHSA's data indicates that thousands of individuals fall into homelessness annually due to these challenges.

Understanding and addressing the root causes of homelessness require comprehensive efforts from local authorities, non-profit organizations, and community stakeholders. Efforts to provide affordable housing, mental health services, and economic support are crucial in preventing more people from becoming homeless.

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