What is master leasing?

What is master leasing?

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July 1, 2024



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A master lease is when someone leases housing units from a property owner and, in turn, subleases the units to others. 

In some cases the master lease will be for individual units and in some cases it will cover multiple properties or units from a single landlord or property manager.

All properties within the master lease have a single rent payment, lease terms, and renewal schedule. In other situations, a person may lease from multiple landlords or property managers, holding several leases on different properties, but using all of these leases to sublet to others.

Master leasing can provide flexibility on tenant screening criteria because the master leaser takes on responsibility for the unit. This system is also beneficial for landlords, as they will receive rent on the master leased properties regardless of whether they are occupied and can manage the units with a single lessee rather than multiple individuals.

Master leasing also promotes client choice, as it gives the provider organization flexibility to move tenants between units to accommodate changing needs. 

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