What are housing ordinances?

Housing Ordinances

  • The LA County Department of Regional Planning has developed ordinances that increase housing choice and affordability in the unincorporated areas of the county in order to ensure decent, safe, and sanitary housing, including for residents with special needs.
  • The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires new residential projects to set aside a percentage of units for affordable housing. 
  • The Interim and Supportive Housing Ordinance encourages the development of housing that is critical to ending homelessness. Interim Housing provides short-term stays and various services for people experiencing homelessness until they are connected with permanent housing. Supportive Housing is affordable housing combined with an array of services that help people who face complex challenges achieve stability, autonomy, and dignity. Components of the ordinance include temporary vehicle living and housing for specific populations.
  • The Compact Lot Subdivision Ordinance promotes affordable home ownership through the allowance of smaller, fee simple lots, in areas zoned for two-family and multi-family housing where infill development is encouraged.

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