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To solve the homelessness epidemic in Los Angeles by unlocking the power of the LA community.

A Holistic Approach to Homelessness

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What We Do

The STEP Fund provides interest-free loans to low-income residents facing eviction within the next 30 days due to a recent financial setback.

The need we are addressing

There are at least 750,000 families in LA County who are just one minor crisis away from losing their homes. Yet currently, LA county spends only ~5% of homeless funds on prevention.

How it works

The STEP Fund provides loans of $500-2,500 that can be used for:

Security deposits

Back rent

Current rent


Moving expenses

Other housing-related costs

To be eligible, candidates must:

Be considered very low income (<50% AMI)

Be at imminent risk of eviction within the next 30 days

Have experienced a recent financial shock

Live in LA County

Results to-date (launched Dec 2022)




total amount disbursed


of clients who have made at least one payment

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