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Software Pilot Program

Better Technology, Greater Impact.

You are experts in making a difference. We are experts in user-friendly technology.
Let’s work together to make an impact.

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A Holistic Approach to Homelessness

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What problem are we trying to solve?

There are many organizations with top-notch social workers and volunteers working on homelessness in Los Angeles. In our speaking with those organizations, we see an opportunity to improve client outcomes and house people faster using modern technology and user-centered design. These solutions should be both secure and accessible to all parties involved.

What solutions are we working on?

Our focus is to build the apps that you need to make paperwork, procedure, or technology things you no longer worry about in your organization or in your journey to housing. We are considering from secure electronic identification, multi-organizational doc management systems, to housing apps.

Electronic ID with finger print

Electronic ID

Electronic ID with finger print

Multi-Organizational Doc 
Management Systems

Electronic ID with finger print

Housing App

Better Angels Tech Corps

We are technologists by trade, volunteers at heart, and our mission is to make your job in difference making, easier. We are product managers, engineers, designers, and researchers that come from tech startups at the leading edge of innovation. We call Los Angeles home, and believe giving back is both a way of life and a daily calling.

Better Angels' solutions - three ideas

Join us and start making an impact today.

Every moment matters.

Insight of your experience

Have unique insights?

If you work in the field, have unique insight into the problems that homeless organizations face and/or are experts in the systems being used today, we'd love your information and advice.

Beta Tester

Eager to be a beta tester?

If you are able to stay in touch for a longer term relationship, we'd love to have you review prototypes and beta test our applications and features. In addition to early access to our latest tech, our top contributors can earn company gear.

Make an impact with us!

Want to make an impact with us?

Your organization knows how to make a difference. Our company understands design and technology. Let's work together to tailor what we build to make a difference in your organization.