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About Us

Better Angels is not simply another homelessness organization. It is not just a nonprofit. Or even a social enterprise. It is a movement.
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About Better Angels United

Better Angels is taking a bold, holistic approach to tackling the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles. We are harnessing new models of intervention, community engagement, advocacy, world-class technology, and a strong dose of pragmatism across five critical areas of need: Prevention, Sanitation, Services, Shelter and Housing.

Because homelessness in LA is a multidimensional problem, it requires a holistic response. You have to deal with sanitation for the unhoused population and the local residents. You have to treat people with the services they need to get them off the street. You have to find shelter for the largest unsheltered population in the nation. You have to create more affordable housing for those without permanent homes in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. And even if you do all of that, you have to prevent so many new people from becoming unhoused in the first place. 

Better Angels was established by Adam Miller, a social entrepreneur who founded and built Cornerstone into a multi-billion-dollar cloud computing company, chaired Team Rubicon as it became the world’s leading veterans services nonprofit with 150,000 volunteers delivering humanitarian aid globally, and scaled several other nonprofits locally and nationally. 

We are harnessing innovation, pragmatic solutions, and the will of Angelenos to make a tangible impact on an issue that for too long has felt insurmountable. We, the people of Los Angeles, have the power to fix this.

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Our Team


Leading edge technology is at the center of what we do. Human-centric design that is scalable and timely applied to the most pressing problems helps break down barriers. Whether your space is prevention, housing, shelter, services, or sanitation, we are building some incredible apps that can help you make a difference.
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We are building a world-class team of Angels who are ready to innovate, roll up their sleeves, and be a part of the solution.

Better Angels is an initiative of is focused on addressing the planet’s most intractable issues, including homelessness, gun violence and climate change. extensively researches what has and has not worked by governments and nonprofits in the past and applies a mix of philanthropy, advocacy, impact investing, technology and operational initiatives to enable real social impact.

Today, Better Angels United is its own 501c3 (EIN #88-3549639).

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